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R&H Trust & Corporate (operating as ‘The R&H Trust Co. Ltd.’) has offered a comprehensive range of private client services for almost 50 years to become the largest independent trust company in the Cayman Islands.


High net-worth individuals and families face a variety of sophisticated and complex issues; these include estate planning and the transfer of wealth from generation to generation, planning for the continuity of family businesses, protection of family wealth, philanthropic giving and pre-nuptial planning. These issues demand careful planning and attention to detail.


Trusts frequently form an important part of that planning, for many reasons. They can be used to preserve capital while providing an income stream for current and future generations.


The Cayman Islands is one of the leading jurisdictions for the formation and administration of trusts. The Islands’ political and economic stability, combined with innovative trust legislation, adaptability, and a tested judiciary system, have made it a worldwide centre for trust business.


  • Trustee Services including STAR Trusts

  • Private Trust Companies (PTC’s)

  • Protector Services

  • Enforcer Services

  • Foundations Company    

  • Contentious Trusts

  • Family Office

  • Executor & Estate Administration

  • Directorships to underlying companies

  • Accounting Services

  • Regulatory Services

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