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The advantages of structuring investments and business operations in the Cayman Islands are recognised throughout the world and the incorporation and administration of Cayman Islands companies is an integral and significant part of the financial services industry. 

A Cayman Islands company can be used for a range of purposes including investment funds, trading companies, captive insurance companies, private trust companies, yacht and aircraft ownership, real estate holding, the ownership and licensing of patents, special purpose vehicles and other corporate structures.

At R&H Trust & Corporate we offer a full range of corporate services and have built strong reputation for consistently providing an efficient, professional and cost-effective service. Our client base includes international private and public companies, private equity and banking groups requiring complex structures as well as individuals requiring a holding company for specific personal investments such as real estate, yachts and aircraft ownership.


  • Company incorporations

  • Registered office

  • Directorships

  • Company secretarial services

  • Accounting Services

  • Aircraft Registration

  • Shipping Registration

  • Regulatory 


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